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Commercial / Residential Central Air Conditioning Repair

Identifying the problem of the A/C unit will help in estimating the budget for the repair service. A/C unit owners experience about five common troubles in the system.


The first is when the outside system does not turn on. However, A/C unit owners must first check if the breaker is just tripped since calling a repairperson for this reason would just be a waste of funds. The system might just need battery replacement. Nonetheless, if this does not apply, these can be the causes: faulty breaker, burnt wires, flawed thermostat, or defective transformer.


Secondly, dysfunctional fan controls may cause the problem. It happens when the motor or capacitor is defective. Another reason could be burnt or busted wires.


We service all of the following common AC problems:

  • system does not turn on
  • dysfunctional fan controls
  • compressor fails
  • fan does not work properly
  • system leaks