Salad Bars

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Commercial Salad Bars & Sandwich Prep Bars

One of the handiest equipments to invest on for a restaurant is commercial salad bars & sandwich prep tables. These are great for specialty food stores, like delis, where people come to eat freshly-made or freshly-gathered food. Salad bars or cooler are great because they keep vegetables fresh and crisp while being displayed. Sandwich prep tables, on the other hand, are great for easy sandwich preparation.

Commercial salad bars & sandwich prep bars are big-ticket investments that can help a lot with your foodservice business. Of course, it’s best to put your money in bars that are of good quality as these will offer your better service. But if you really want your bars to last you a long time, you have to ensure regular maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures your bars function well. Regular maintenance doesn’t just guarantee equipment efficiency; it also maintains proper hygiene